Héli-Union Opens a New Branch in Pau, France

Héli-Union is creating more than 30 new jobs by opening its doors in Pau, France. This new branch will become another branch of Héli-Union Industry providing heavy maintenance of helicopters. Héli-Union Pau is expected to be operational in May 2017.

Héli-Union Pau will host one of Héli-Union’s main portfolios of industry-related service, which is regular inspection of Helicopter type Cougar and Super Puma Families (AS332/AS532) dedicated to the French Military.

The maintenance hangar will reach the surface area of 2500m² with a maximum capacity of receiving 4 helicopters at once.

In Toussus-le-Noble, Héli-Union has seen an increasing flow of helicopter inspection demand. The company is projecting a higher number of demand starting from 2017. By establishing a new branch, Héli-Union will be able to answer to its clients’ needs more effectively.

Pau Airport has been chosen as the new destination due to its strategic location. Héli-Union’s new hangar in Pau Airport will be located within a walking distance from the bases of its main client, the French Army. This allows Héli-Union Industry to have a closer approach to its main clients and to retaliate in a timely manner.

Along with the new branch comes new competent staffs to manage the business. Laurent Marie has been nominated as the Base Manager of Héli-Union Pau. Laurent Marie has been working in Héli-Union for 27 years and is currently holding the position of Launching Service Manager.

Laurent Marie