Ever since its creation in 1994, Héli-Union Industry operates within a set of regulatory framework by following the International Association of Oil&Gas Producers Management guidelines as a global exemplar of good safety practice.

Our DOA-related (Design Organisations Approvals) expertise allows us to offer various avionics and mission equipment installations or modification, depending on the missions and the needs of clients. The purpose of this installations and modifications is to ensure the adaptability of the helicopters to the missions or to the new environment.

In order to meet your design and modification requirements, we are committed to giving our clients a complete service starting from consultations, equipment supplies, upgrades, modifications, designs, repairs to installations.

Here are several equipment that we are able to install/modify :

  • EGWPS and TCAS (Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System)
  • Emergency Locator Transmitters/ADELT
  • Tracking system (ex : Skytrack)
  • Public address
  • Radar/camera
  • I-HUMS
  • Searchlight
  • VIP interiors installation
  • Medical devices
  • Etc.