First EASA Certification of an LPV Capability for AS332L1 With Digital and Analogic Systems

9005-20110417 03Héli-Union has successfully obtained the first ever EASA certification of an LPV capability on AS332L1 with both digital and analogic systems. Normally, an LPV capability on AS332L1 utilises either digital or analogic system. Many companies try to improve the method by combining both systems but none succeeded, except Héli-Union. For now, Héli-Union is the only company that has been approved by EASA to apply such LPV capability on AS332L1 type helicopter.

A localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) approach is a modern instrument approach procedure that uses wide area augmentation system (WAAS) and very precise GPS capabilities to attain an airplane’s position. This approach increases position sensitivity as the aircraft approaches runways, enabling the aircraft to be flown completely by the autopilot. With the ability of incorporating the digital and analogic systems, Héli-Union’s LPV capability is able to produce a more precise position, thus decrease the risks while flying in autopilot mode.

As a reliable helicopter support services company, safety is always at the forefront of Héli-Union’s daily activity. Héli-Union does not cease to improve its services, with the goal of providing only the best service for its clients. This new certification allows Héli-Union to provide a much more advanced service, thus keeping the clients helicopter flying safely anywhere and everywhere.