CEDRIC BERNARD: HUTC Commercial Pilot Graduate


My name is Cedric Bernard and I took my commercial pilot training courses in HUTC 4 years ago.

Ever since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by helicopters flying across my parents’ house and through the mountains. I dreamed of one day becoming a helicopter pilot. Being brought in a family with no background in the avionic field, it was not easy for me to plan and find the right way to make this dream comes true. For many years I tried to keep this dream deep inside my head while continuing my study in Civil Engineering. Until one day I met a retiring pilot who changed my mind through a short discovery flight…I have then at that moment decided to give up everything and to chase after my dream!

After long consideration, I have decided to become a pilot in the civil market. The civil market is richer in diversity and more open to young pilots. However, the training course does not come cheap. Which is why it is extremely crucial to choose the right school.

During my research in finding the right school to pursue my dream, I received a valuable advice from my experienced “mentor”, who directed me to a professional and personalised course in Héli-Union Training Center. He believes strongly in the teaching quality and the outlook of development proposed by HUTC. The training course was not the cheapest in the market, but the price matches the top-notch training quality and experience that come with it.  This profession could be ruthless for those who do not choose to integrate the concepts of precaution, safety and professionalism in their training.

Furthermore, HUTC has a good reputation and is very well-known in the industry. The training center is well equipped and allows great pilot networking opportunities.

With 2 other pupils, we started our private training course with 14 modules of ATPL(H) theory course which were taught with great passion, teaching, and accuracy. The course brought us towards big progression, with nothing was left to chance. This teaching method allowed me to learn effectively and led me to my academic success, whereas I had no knowledge on how to fly a helicopter just 8 months earlier.

After succeeding my theory course, I can finally learn practical lessons through the simulator and HUTC mono-turbine helicopter: Cabri G2. The instructors were very professional and most of them even used to be the pilot instructors in the French Army!

The first flights required a lot of energy that at one point we started to ask ourselves if we can ever get through this!  But all was made possible with the supports and advices from our instructors. Their patience, experience and rigor have brought out our best in a limited amount of time. This part is the most memorable time during our courses. Within a few month I metamorphosed from a mere passenger to a licensed commercial pilot with lots of success on my firsts:  first takeoff, first solo, first night flight, …  These are unforgettable moments that have been enhanced by HUTC coaching quality!