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Héli-Union Crew

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Héli-Union Crew


Our clients are served by professionals that have undergone extensive trainings to comply with rigorous quality standards of the industry. Héli-Union has dedicated people who always give their best efforts to provide efficient and safe services to clients around the globe. Their passion and commitment ensure continuous improvement of our quality and efficiency.

Héli-Union values the diverse experience of people who are working with us. Engineers and helicopter pilots come from many different backgrounds and entities, including the army, private companies, engineering school graduates and highly motivated people with limited experience. We believe that this diversity generates a work culture which allows an exchange of expertise and knowledge, which is beneficial to reach our common goal: the execution of safe and efficient services. A specialized team is put in place in order to increase efficiency and to maintain consistency throughout the recruitment process.

Recurrent training is required to maintain their aviation skills and knowledge. This ensures that the highest level of proficiency is always present. Additional training programs are taken place for pilots and engineers who are about to commence their missions in a new territory.