About us

Management Team

Patrick Molis
CEO and Chairman

Mr. Patrick Molis was appointed CEO and Chairman of Héli-Union in 2013. His financial career commenced in 1983 as a Magistrate at France’s National Audit office Court des Comptes before being named Managing Director of Union Normand Investment, Financial Director of Worms and Cie Group, Managing Director and then President of Compagnie Industrielle Maritime, Director at Euronav and at Compagnie Maritime Nantaise. Till today, he is still the president of Compagnie National de Navigation.

He holds a Master in Business and Commercial Law from Université Paris X Nanterre, along with degrees from the institut d’Etudes Politiques and the Ecole Nationale d’Administration in Paris.

Jonathan Cosson
Deputy Managing Director (Offshore Division)

Jonathan Cosson joined Héli-Union early 2007 and became a valued member of the Heli-Union staff. He started in the technical quality department as Quality Engineer Part.21 and Part.145/Part.M. Over the years, he has grown in more general management positions with a focus on technical developments, including the management of the important projects such as integrated software change, fleet strategy and partnership growth. As Technical Director, He is responsible for the worldwide technical activities of the company. This involves activities related to maintenance, airworthiness, logistics and third parties fleet support.

Pierre Le gall
Deputy Managing Director (Industry Division)

Mr. Pierre Le Gall has joined Héli-Union in 2009 as a technical Quality Engineer. He has accumulated years of experience in many trades: Deputy Quality Director, Deputy Safety Director and Deputy Industrial Director before to being taken over as the Head of Industrial activities of the Company.

Régis Godvin
CEO Advisor and HFDM Manager

Mr. Régis Godvin was named Safety Management System Manager in November 2013 after being responsible of the creation and updates of H.U. Operation Manual part B. He arrived at Héli-Union in 2008 from Eurocopter Training Services (now Airbus Helicopters Training Services) where he worked as a ground pilot instructor for 3 years. Prior to that Mr. Godvin was employed by the French Air Force as a helicopter pilot.

Jean-Baptiste Olry
Director of Operations and Sales

Mr. Jean-Baptiste Olry joined Héli-Union in 2007 as the Operation Quality Manager. Following his career in Operation division, he managed to climb up to the position of the Deputy Head of Operations in 2009, before taking over the position of the Head of Operations of the Company in 2014. In 2016, he officially became the Head of Operations and Commercial of Héli-Union.

His sharp leadership thinking along with his years of experience in aviation industry make him a precious asset to Héli-Union.

Bruno Caillaud
Chief Pilot and Training Manager

Mr Bruno Caillaud has been working with Héli Union for over 10 years as the Captain Offshore in Gabon, Congo, Myanmar, Cameroon, Malaysia and the Operation Manager in Congo and Myanmar. Before Héli-Union, he was working as a Military Copilot and Captain for 15 years with SA330.

He holds qualifications as an instructor and examiner for helicopter types rating AS 365N/N3, S76C++ and AW139.

Joël Martin
Flight and Ground Operations Manager

With more than 20 years of experience as a Helicopter Pilot in the French Army, as well as Pilot Instructor and Examiner since 1999, Mr. Joel Martin decided to join Héli-Union in 2008 with his first mission as a copilot in Gabon, Libya and Cameroun.

Since then, his carrier in Héli-Union has brought him all around the world : Nigeria, Myanmar and Libya (as the Operation and Base Manager), before finally coming back to France as the Flight and Ground Operations Manager in 2015.

Veronique Milliat
Safety and Quality Director

After more than 15 years of experience in aeronautics quality management in the French Ministry of Defense, Ms. Véronique Milliat joined the Heli-Union technical quality department in 2011 to lead the project to obtain the maintenance approval  FRA 145. Appointed Quality Manager Part 21, Part M, Part and FRA 145 from 2013, she became Compliance and Quality Director since April 2017.