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AS 365 N3

The Eurocopter AS 365 N3 Dauphin is a mutipurpose medium-weight and twin-engine helicopter. Its outstanding performance acquired from the well-known experience of the Dauphin family. The AS 365 N3 is a fast and powerful long-range helicopter that is well adapted to various operations from high altitudes to hot climates.

Fleet Facts

Capacity11 Pax
Max Takeoff Weight4 300 kg
EquipmentRadio communication equipment (VHF, HF, ICS and interphone)
Landing light
Radio navigation equipment (ADF, VOR/ILS/MKR, DME, ATC transponder, RMI, HSI, GPS and weather radar)
Automatic flight control system (AFCS, COUPLER, FD)
Emergency and monitoring equipment (Emergency battery, Engine Fire Extinguisher, ELT, life raft, CVR, M'ARMS)
Optional EquipmentCargo sling
Cargo swing
Sand filter
Floatation gear